Nueva York Diciembre 2014


Diciembre 2014


Since I was a child I have always carried the urge to create paintings inside me. My way of painting is energetic, vigorous, with restless strokes seeking perfection.
When I look at the fields of my homeland or aged bark of a tree, my whole world is flooded with light. The yellow and ochre colors arise from my palette with great inner strength. Nature is my main source of inspiration, and this is particularly important in understanding my work because I am not guided by a specific technique, but by my intuition. My painting is full of moments, experiences, trying to capture a feeling. Because I include all emotions, with honesty, sometimes I convey melancholy and sadness in my paintings.

All my work has much to do with life, and with the philosophy of art and aesthetic. It is a passion. It represents an energizing sense of confidence, in the turbulent times in which we live.


Óleo sobre lienzo
65 x 54 cm.

Twist of fate
Óleo sobre lienzo
46 x 38 cm.

The pillars of forest
Óleo sobre lienzo
38 x 46 cm.

Solitary tree on a road
Óleo sobre lienzo
38 x 55 cm.

ARTisSpectrum Magazine, November 2014

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